Annmarie Runs PR at Grandma’s Half

Annmarie Tuxbury closed out her spring racing season in style with a personal best at the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon on June 22. Her time of 1:11:58 took 11 seconds off her personal best from 2021 and was enough to earn her a 4th place finish.

Annmarie had used the spring of 2024 coming off the Olympic Marathon Trials to focus on getting her back fully healthy and getting back to racing a bit more. After spending 2 years solely focused on the marathon and preparing for the Trials, she has returned to doing some shorter racing, from 10k to the half marathon, and has used those efforts to get back to feeling stronger in workouts and building her fitness.

In the early stages of the race, Annmarie found a small group of women to run with and by halfway she was in 5th place, a few seconds behind 4th and a few seconds ahead of 6th. As the race moved into the 2nd half, Annmarie’s early patience paid off and by 11 miles she has moved up into 4th place, 30 seconds clear of the 5th. Annmarie decided for this race she wasn’t going to look at her time or any splits. She wanted to run this completely on feel and not let herself get too up or down based on the time on her watch.

The strength of her 2nd half showed just how well in-tune Annmarie was to her body as she was able to storm home to a new personal best and 4th place finish. You can view the full results here.

Tristin 2nd American at BAA 10k

Tristin returned to racing in earnest for the first time since the Olympic Marathon Trials this past weekend at the BAA 10k. After struggling with fatigue, and potentially an iron overload issue, Tristin scaled back her training and focused on prioritizing rest this spring. She has been on fire for the better part of 3 years, and this spring was about hitting a small reset button so she could take the next step in her career.

Her race at the BAA 10k showed that Tristin is back. The race was run in brutally hot conditions and in the pouring rain, and despite that Tristin ran 32:44 overall the challenging Boston course. Her time was only 10 seconds off her 10k best set last spring in New York.

The effort was good enough to earn her 14th place overall, 2nd among US finishers. Her overall place doesn’t do justice to her effort, as the international field was absolutely stacked. The woman who finished right in front of Tristin, Mercy Chelangat, has run 31:15 for 10k on the track and the woman in 15th (24 seconds behind Tristin) ran 30:57 on the track in December. Tristin was among elite company, despite the 14th place finish, and she is excited to tackle some more summer racing before hunkering down to prepare for a fall marathon.

Next up for Tristin will be the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th in Atlanta. The race begins at 7:00am. You can watch the live stream here for free, and view live results here after the race.

You can find full results from the BAA 10k here.