Donate to the Foundation


Donate to the Foundation

The ZAP Endurance Foundation was established to provide post-collegiate distance runners with an ideal environment in which to train for Olympic Teams. Through donations, corporate sponsorship and proceeds from running vacations, ZAP provides our team of elite American distance runners the support necessary to realize their potential.

ZAP needs your support

ZAP Endurance is asking for your support as we look to expand our program and offer our athletes the support they need as they train for the coming World Championship years and ultimately the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Your donation will ensure that ZAP is able to give our incredible athletes all the tools they need through the next Olympic cycle. We ask that you join us in our mission of developing the best distance runners in the US and providing that same level of expertise to runners of all ages and abilities.

The program at ZAP Endurance and others around the country are working hard to make a difference in American distance running but can only do so with your support. We are asking you, a member of the American Running Community, to invest in the future of American Distance Running.

Click on the button above to make a donation with your credit card or send a check to:

ZAP Endurance Foundation
PO Box 192
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

ZAP Endurance is a 501c3–all donations are tax deductible.

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