April Update

A fun crew hanging out at the Zap Social event
There are no words to describe the awesomeness of being in Boston last week for marathon Monday.  I ran in the Elite 5k on Saturday, but was truly blessed to be able to stay through Monday, attend some of the Zap Social Events, and meet some great people. And to be able to hang out with, and cheer on many of my friends  who were in the Marathon, was really a unique opportunity that I don’t get to do often.  The Boston Marathon, being a “Major” marathon is special every year, but obviously this year was probably one of the most emotionally charged ever. I wrote a blog about the awful events that transpired at last years race,(http://www.pezzruns.blogspot.com/2013/04/on-overcoming-at-boston.html)  and continue to believe that the only way such evil could be overcome, is with  the goodness of humankind. And WOW!…, has “good” been displayed this past year in Boston and in the Running Communities throughout the country.  The weekend theme was filled with stories of  passionate, positive minded people who have persevered through a tough life changing year. There were so many people behind the scenes of the “Boston Strong” cause who might not have even been there,.. but who obviously played a huge role for such an amazing comeback event to take place.  And it filled me with absolute awe to see the faces of the actual runners race for a different purpose this year.  They showed up and kept  plugging, no matter how they felt on that day.

With that said, in my last blog, “Purpose and Plugging”..(http://www.pezzruns.blogspot.com/2014/04/purpose-and-plugging.html)…..  I was pretty honest about my own personal running experiences of late. I said that even though a few of my races in February and  March had not gone well, that I was going to try and keep plugging through this season and cling to the good races and workouts that had already been successful. Over the years, I’ve come to the point that even when confidence is low and discouragement high, the desire to compete again is usually stronger than ever.  And so in this season, I’ve tried really hard to focus on the big picture plan that Pete has laid out and not let the “Bonker” races roam around in my mind too much.  As I mentioned in my last blog, sometimes you have to change what you can and just keep plugging.  So….naturally, my next race in April SOMEHOW came a little quicker than originally planned!!.:)

Beautiful day at Charlotte Racefest 10k!
On April 12th, I got the chance to run in the Charlotte RaceFest 10k as a supplement for a 6 mile tempo run that I was supposed to do on that day anyway.  The one condition that Pete gave me to able to run it, was that I had to do a pretty extensive workout within the race. My mind definitely got a little confused from trying to do the math and keep up with the prescribed “90 sec.x2,60×4, 30×4, 15×4 with Half rest” ,.  In fact, it kinda confuses me just writing it out right now!… but my body felt much more energetic than it had been in the last 2 races and I guess that’s what matters most?:)The goal wasn’t to completely crush it, with the BAA 5k the following week, but still, I was happy to win in 34:13  while not have to leave the city for once!
Hanging out with some Charlotte friends b4 their Boston Marathonthe following
The following weekend in Boston, I took another mini step forward.  I ran 16:09 in a majorly competitive International field for the BAA 5k.  It was not a road  P.R., and of course I wanted a better result, but it was definitely a step in the right direction in getting my legs turning over for more shorter type races.  Unlike my last 2 spring seasons, the rest of this season is filled with Tier 1(very competitive) road races all 12k distances or shorter.  I am hoping that this type of training and racing will help in my ultimate  goals of running faster marathons and do believe that at times, it’s beneficial to focus on shorter type races for all runners.  Even if your forte’ or your main goals are in  the longer races, working different energy systems is so good for running mechanics and increased anaerobic capacity. Not to mention, it gives your body a shock and is a different feel from the long and steady paces that come with marathon training.

Anyhow, next race on the schedule is the Lilac Bloomsday 12k in Spokane Washington. Just looking at the elevation chart will make your stomach turn!  But tough races or not,  my attitude in moving forward has got to be; One race at time. One workout at a time. One run  at time. One day at a time.
“Why worry too much about tomorrow when today has enough trouble of it’s own?”…. Yea I got that from a pretty well known book, (Matthew 6;34)….. and I’m taking HIS advice!

Dr. Scott Greenapple supporting one of his athletes at the Charlotte race Fest,… The guy knows his stuff!!)
 The sign was a little over the top, but very expected to see with Melissa Voguel the elementary school teacher.!!:) Loved seeing her and Emily Hanson at the 5k!