Athlete Updates – Josh & Matt

The Olympic Marathon Trials was Josh Izewski‘s 2nd career marathon, his first being a 2:13:16 podium performance at the 2018 US Championships. After graduating from college Josh pursued the world of professional triathlons for 3 years before turning his focus solely to running and joining the On ZAP Endurance team.

His aerobic foundation lended itself very well to transitioning to the marathoning. His body has been slightly slower to adapt, but overall managed some small hiccups in the buildup to the Trials well, and the race itself even better.

Josh was patient, laying off an aggressive early pace by a large portion of the field. That patience was rewarded with strong 2nd half that saw him pass over 50 people and finish in 17th place.

Physically, Josh came off the Marathon Trials feeling great and excited to parlay his fitness into some fast efforts on the track and roads. He has also taken this opportunity to focus on building physical strength in order to shore up some weaknesses that have lead to the aforementioned hiccups in training. 

Without any races on the immediate horizon Josh has been able to focus on strength building without worrying about how it may impact his ability to perform in workouts or races. He has also managed to work himself into excellent shape despite focusing on base building and moderate aerobic workouts. When races are back he’ll be ready to go.
Matt McClintock has seen a tremendous amount of success in his time at ZAP, running 1:02:34 for the half marathon and posting several top 10 US Championship finishes, both on the track and roads.

Since his marathon debut at the 2018 US Marathon Championships where he fought through a hamstring cramp to run 2:18 and qualify for the Olympic Trials he has struggled with cramping in the marathon. Matt has been relentless in pursuing strengthening and nutritional efforts to make progress toward finishing a marathon healthy.

Coming off the Olympic Trials Matt was excited to get on the track in an attempt to lower his 10,000m personal best of 28:27 and run some summer road races. He is currently training healthy, working out with the ZAP quarantine crew, and is looking forward to getting back out on the road racing circuit.