Athlete Updates – Tyler & Joanna

Despite Tyler Pennel’s success over the last 5 years at the marathon, including a 4th place finish at Boston and 5th place finish at the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials, leading into this year’s Olympic Trials his personal best remained 2:13:32 from his debut marathon, his win at the 2014 US Championships. There is no doubt weather and course conditions have played into that, and his performances show that time is but one measure of success, but that fact remained until he lopped nearly 1 minute off his best, running 2:12:34 over an undulating course in windy conditions at the Trials in Atlanta.

Coming off his 11th place finish at the Olympic Trials Tyler took some rest and visited a specialist to look at his big toe. He has had pain in his big toe since he was in college. It’s never been debilitating, more a general nuisance, but he hasn’t had range of motion in that toe in years. The diagnosis turned out to be a large bone spur which the doctor scoped. While they were in there the doctor also removed some bone fragments in the joint of the toe. 

Tyler immediately had full range of motion in the toe following the procedure and is already back to running 5-6 days a week after two weeks of complete rest. He is taking the time to ease back in the right way and is excited about building on his performance at the Trials, knowing his best marathoning is ahead of him.
Joanna Thompson was forced out of the Olympic Trials due to a hamstring injury, but with some rest afterward the pain subsided and she was eagerly looking forward to tackling a few track races this spring for the first time in 3 years.

With the spring track season cancelled Joanna has continued to train alongside quarantined teammate Tristin Van Ord. They are both hopeful for racing opportunities later in the summer or fall, whether that be track or road races. 

Joanna’s running has taken on more of a meditative purpose rather than a means to an end in these current conditions. She details that in her newest blog, which I would highly recommend and which you can find here.