Boston 2015: The Redo


This week’s entry will be short and sweet. I’m now in the home stretch (again) of this marathon cycle with Boston only a week away. My body is feeling healthy and prepared to race. My workouts the last month have been really good. I feel ready for Boston 2015 which I am coining “The Redo” for obvious reasons!

I have gotten in some solid marathon sessions and kept my calves healthy. And with the detour away from LA to Boston, I have lowered my mileage during this time to between 85-95 miles a week as opposed to the 110-125 miles a week I was logging in Tallahassee.

This decrease in volume has allowed me to get in more quality workouts and sharpened me a bit more than when I was running more mileage but often fewer hard workouts over a 10 day period. I believe this quality-dense last month has me slightly fitter than before Twin Cities in the Fall.

I have been talking with Esther a lot recently about my goals for Boston and I have many, both time and place, but I more importantly want to simply get in a really hard marathon effort. Although I did a workout and ran 2:29 at the Tallahassee Marathon, I have yet to race a marathon from start to finish. With my DNF at Twin Cities in October and my DNS in LA in March I am ready to get the marathon monkey off my back with a healthy and promising performance as I move towards the Olympic Trials in February 2016.

The good news is that my training the past few years has been very consistent. With the exception of a few minor flare ups (mostly calf related) I have not had to miss more than 3 days of running in a row unplanned since 2012. I have had subpar races and PR’s during that time and I know that the accumulation of miles and quality workouts is building for a BIG day. My plan is to have that day on April 20 in Boston.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the support. I can’t wait to experience my first Boston Marathon.

P.S. For any and all ZAP friends and supporters in Beantown on Sunday April 19 please stop by The Washington Square Tavern from 1pm to 4pm. ZAP will be hosting an informal party with appetizers and drinks to be served. We held this event last year and it was lots of fun. Don’t miss out this time around!


714 Washington St. Brookline, MA 02445

Here is my last week of training (4/5-4/11):

Sunday: AM: 13 miles (8×20 sec post run)

Monday: AM: 15 miles (1-6-1 fartlek within run)

Tuesday: AM: 6 miles   PM: 6 miles

Wednesday: AM: 10 miles (8×20 sec post run)

Thursday: AM: 17 miles (9 mile progression run)

Friday: AM: 6 miles   PM: 5 miles

Saturday: AM: 9 miles

Total: 87 miles, 9 runs