Boston Weekend Schedule

For anyone interested in joining us for an easy 20-30 minute shakeout run the day before the marathon we will be meeting in the Boston Common at the corner of Boylston and Arlington at 9:00am on Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome so if you’re planning a run that day come out and join us!


Here is a quick guide to the ZAP Weekend Schedule and the athletes competing: 

Saturday 8:00am: BAA 5k,

Saturday 12:00-1:30pm: UCAN Panel Featuring Tyler & Nicole

Saturday 4:00-4:30pm: Generation UCAN interview with Tyler, Joanna & Nicole on Facebook Live

Sunday 9:00am: Group Run at the Boston Common on the corner of Boylston and Arlington

Sunday 2:30pm-5pm: ZAP Social at Washington Square Tavern

Monday 9:32am: Boston Marathon Women’s Start, Nicole & Joanna (live on NBC Sports Network)

Monday 10:00am: Boston Marathon Men’s Start, Tyler (live on NBC Sports Network)