My Last Week of Training (8/16-8/22)

I had another solid week of training in the midst of preparing for the Appalachian Classic soccer tournament that I was in charge of running. As I mentioned last week Tyler and I had a solid long run in Todd on Sunday and then I spent the remainder of the week just getting in miles. Fingers crossed but I think I will be ready for some light strides next week!

Chatting with the girls before our championship game on Sunday. (Photo Credit: Shea Tuberty)

On Friday, the preparations really started to kick in for the tournament. In all, the club was able to get 46 youth soccer teams from all over the Southeast to travel to Boone for the weekend. We had age divisions for both boys and girls in U11 through U14 making for a busy, stressful, but fun weekend.

I currently coach a U12 boys and U14 girls team and both did quite well with my girls heartbreakingly losing in a penalty kick shootout in the championship game! Lots of tears were shed by the players after the game but it was still a great open to the season.

It was fun weekend but I am ready to get back to a more normal schedule of training and coaching that I am accustomed to as I slowly get closer to being able to do hard workouts again.

Oh and Esther runs the in the IAAF World Championship Marathon on Sunday August 30th at 7:30 pm EST. The race will be broadcast live on NBC Universal Sports and I hope everyone finds a way to watch it and cheer her on. Her workouts have been going well and she is excited to represent the USA for the very first time!

Thanks for reading!

Here is my last week of training (8/16-8/22):

Sunday: AM: 19 miles (58 min last 10)

Monday: AM: 5 miles   PM: 6 miles

Tuesday: AM: 12 miles

Wednesday: AM: 12 miles   PM: 5 miles

Thursday: AM: 14 miles

Friday: AM: 11 miles

Saturday: OFF (Appalachian Classic)

Total: 84 miles, 9 runs