Letter from Zika

Dear ZAP Friends and Family,

It has been 18 + years since we first opened ZAP’s doors. At the time, US distance running depth was at a 30 year low which was the impetus behind setting up a group training environment for some of America’s rising stars. That belief has since been proven true. In that time US distance running has reemerged as a global force with the vast majority of athletes training in a group environment. America’s depth has now surpassed the “heyday” of the 1980s. 

Among all the groups that have come and gone, and continue to exist across the country, we have always taken pride in our unique model as the only group with its own facility. We have been fortunate to host adult running vacations in addition to hundreds of high school and college cross country teams, running clubs as well as triathlon groups, corporate retreats & weddings. For years the business of hosting groups and running vacations has helped support the ZAP resident athletes, who in turn have helped operate the facility.

Moving forward toward the next 2 decades, it is our belief that for ZAP to continue to excel it is time for that model to make some changes. Looking to the future in how we can best serve our mission, we have decided to sell the ZAP facility and grounds. We know many of you have wonderful memories of your time at ZAP, and from the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you for being a part of this wonderful experience. Thank you for supporting the ZAP team and our mission of providing immersive running experiences and training to runners of all ages and abilities.

We hope you continue to support the team, our mission, and share your summers with us. We will continue to host adult running vacations here in Blowing Rock at an alternative setting and fully support the ZAP Endurance pro team. As special of a place as the ZAP facility will always be for us, we know the heartbeat of the program has always been the community that surrounds it. 

It is our firm belief that looking forward beyond 2020 this decision will put us in a position to better recruit and develop the best distance running talent in the country. It will enable us to focus our resources and energy more intently on our mission of supporting the ZAP athletes and providing the very best experience for our adult running campers and personal coaching clients.

We are excited about sharing the next step of our journey with you. 

Yours Truly

Zika Rea