Pre-Order Your ZAP Nation Racing Series T-Shirt

As part of our summer virtual racing series and training schedule we excited to offer a t-shirt to commemorate the experience. The window for pre-orders is open from now through July 16th. The t-shirts will have the ZAPNation logo screened on the front and the race schedule screened on the back. Visit our online store for more information!

These race times and distances are inspired by the following Historic American Road Races:

July 18-19: Beat the Heat 5k (our local NC State 5k Championship)
July 25: Bix 7 Road Race
August 1-2: Running Alone Together 1 Mile Time Trial
August 15-16: Falmouth Road Race

If you’re interested in signing up for these official virtual races you can do so at the links above, but you can also take part by running the distances on your own on those dates.