Pumping Iron and Back to Boston

Same thing, right?

Same thing, right?

After getting back my iron results my training for the week changed quite a bit. I took Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off to regroup (mentally more than physically) and began steadily increasing my iron intake. I plan to take more iron during this bout of low Ferritin than I did a few years ago. My body has clearly shown that it does not absorb iron as well as it should so I am carefully going to step up my dosage. It should be noted that I need to be careful as I increase my intake because too much iron can also be bad. Because I have never had a Ferritin level over 50 I am not overly concerned with it becoming an issue. Here are some of the things I will do when taking my iron that hopefully aid in the absorption process:

1. Take Ferrous sulfate pills with glass of orange juice or a Vitamin C tablet

2. Avoid calcium at or around time of taking iron supplement (e.g. do not drink a glass of milk with iron pills)

3. Increase fiber intake to offset the digestive issues iron can often bring (I bought some water soluble Benefiber to add to my water)

4. Avoid other mineral supplements at or around time of taking iron pills (magnesium, zinc, etc.)

Hopefully this renewed focus on my iron supplementation will help my numbers jump up and I can get back to training at a high level. For the time being I am going to be running every day, around 90-100 miles per week, but will NOT be working out to allow my body to rebound a bit.

Marathon logo

Next week I will be returning to Boston for the marathon weekend. Originally, I was scheduled to run the BAA 5k on Saturday but due to my iron woes I will be simply making the trip as a fan and ZAP representative. Tyler and Pezz will be racing the 5k on Saturday and Esther and various other ZAP campers, donors, and friends will be racing the marathon on Monday. I am excited to be in town for what will surely be a weekend of celebration and remembrance. I was in Boston last year to watch the marathon for the first time and was amazed at how much positive energy the race creates. Thousands of fans cheer on runners of all abilities as they push towards Boylston Street and the finish line.

Many were robbed of their chance to finish the race due to the bombings and I am certain this year will be an opportunity for those wrongs to be corrected and further show that we, as a people, will not back down to acts of cowardice. Tim Ritchie, standout runner for the B.A.A. tweeted recently about the anniversary of the Boston bombings and the upcoming race: “Honor through memory, progress through unity, peace through forgiveness. Please. #BostonStrong” Well said, Tim. See everyone in Boston!

Here is my last week of training (4/6-4/12):

Sunday: OFF

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: AM: 12 miles

Thursday: PM: 14 miles

Friday: OFF, sick!

Saturday: AM: 9 miles

Total: 35 miles, 3 runs