Running Tip: Caloric Timing

There is research to show that simply spreading out your caloric intake more evenly throughout the day, rather than in 2-3 large meals, can improve body composition. This means you’re not necessarily changing your overall caloric intake, simply improving the timing of your caloric intake.

Dr. Dan Benardot, a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and registered nutritionist, wrote that “athletes in all sports should strive to improve the strength-to-weight ratio to enable an enhanced ability to overcome sport-related resistance, but this may be misinterpreted as a need to achieve a lower weight, which may result in an under-consumption of energy through restrained eating and special ‘diets’. The outcome, however, is nearly always the precise opposite of the desired effect, with lower strength-to-weight ratios that result in an ever-increasing downward spiral in energy consumption.”

His findings indicate that more frequent feedings and improved timing of caloric intake can go a long way to improving strength-to-weight ratio and overall body composition.