Running Tip: Foot Strike Study

Matt and Josh run with their natural foot strike.

So much is made about foot strike and whether forefoot or mid-foot striking is preferable over heel striking. An article in Outside Online by author Alex Hutchinson reviewed a study from the 2017 World Marathon Championships. The analysis showed that the majority of the athletes competing were heel-strikers. The research doesn’t have any clear conclusion on how you should foot strike. However, as Hutchinson points out, if most of the best marathoners in the world are doing something it can’t be that bad.

The researchers concluded that “athletes should not be overly encouraged to alter what comes naturally to them.” Which is advice I would encourage runners to take to heart. You’re better served focusing on where your feet are landing in relation to your center of gravity rather than how they are impacting the ground. Keep your feet landing underneath your hips to prevent over-striding and allow your foot to contact the ground in whatever way comes naturally.

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