Running Tip: Wait a Day

Distance runners, by nature, tend to be type “A” individuals. If a harder session (long run, intervals, hills, fartlek, tempo etc) is set for a certain day, most runners – come hell or high water – like to stick to that planned schedule.

As all of you know, however, niggles happen. Be it a muscle strain or a small imbalance, much of success in our sport unfortunately is the management of small physical issues. When these issues occur, take our ZAP advice and be open to waiting a day (or even to eliminating that harder session entirely)!

Too often runners feel the need, regardless of their body’s signs, to stick to their “on paper” schedule even when things are slightly off, commonly resulting in a larger more significant injury. You will lose little to no fitness by skipping or moving a workout. You are far better off with the consistency associated with long term healthy running than risking injury by “managing” something small during a hard session.

When in doubt take our advice – WAIT A DAY !