Summer Training Program, June 15-21

Group A

3 runs this week, 1 non run effort and one “walk only” day. This week Group A folks you should have one run which is a touch longer in its duration, ideally 50:00 or up to 55:00 if you are feeling good. This run is very relaxed (continuing with our 70% effort conversation pace theme) and should be preceded by 20 minutes of walking and concluded with an additional 15-20 minutes of walking. (This will be a total of roughly 90 min with the walking warm up and cool down).

1 run this week should be approximately 25-30 minute in duration and preferably executed over a course with some rolling hills. Again this run is very relaxed in nature (70%) and you should be able to have a relaxed conversation with your training partner. Precede this run with 10 minutes of walking and conclude the run with an additional 5 minutes of walking. (40-45 minutes total with walking)

1 run this week of a shorter nature 25 minutes on a flatter course preceded and concluded with 10-15 minutes of walking (45-50 minutes total including the walking).

1 day this week implement a non running workout (swim, road bike, stationary bike spin etc) for 30-40 min for increased aerobic fitness in a non impact setting.

1 day this week adding a brisk walk of 50-60 minutes

2 days this week are complete rest.

5 workouts total this week including the walk only day.

Remember these efforts can be applied on ANY day of the week which fits you well. 

Notes & Tips on Week #2 Group A 
a. There are no hard runs this week. We are still in the opening 3 week adaptive block. All runs are truly relaxed and within yourself.

b. Vary your surfaces. Implement one of your runs this week on a dirt road or cinder bike path. Implement one of your runs on a paved surface and finally get on some grass, even if only briefly 

c. Be “up and about” approximately 45 minutes prior to heading out the door for your run. Be sure to grab a light easily digestible meal with a low glycemic index when you wake as well. Moving around for a bit before your run and having a light meal will help you feel much better throughout your morning effort.

Group B

4 days of running this opening week as well as one non running session. These 4 runs may be implemented any days you choose

1 run this week should be approximately 60-65 minutes in duration. This “longer” run continues to be at a very relaxed and “comfortable conversation” pace. Precede this run with 10-15 minutes of relaxed walking and conclude the run with the same 10-15 minutes walking cool down. (this is approximately 90-95 minutes total including walking pre and post). 

2 runs of approximately 45 minutes (50 minutes if feeling exceptional). One of these runs should be executed over a rolling course and the other a predominately flat course. Both of these runs are to be executed in a relaxed format, very gentle runs. Precede and conclude each of these 2 runs with 15 minutes of walking (75-80 minutes of total work including the opening and closing walking).

1 shorter run of 35 minutes. This week conclude this shorter run with 4-5 very light 15-20 second pick-ups. Simply pick up your tempo slightly for 15-20 seconds and then slow back down to your normal easy pace for 45-55 seconds then repeat 4 or 5 times. 

1 non run session within this week, ideally a swim or a spin on a stationary bike keeping the resistance lower and the cadence higher. If neither of these is available to you this week, simply add an hour walk on one of the non running days.

5 workouts total for Week #2 if you add one non run session. 

Notes & Tips on Week #2 Group B

a. There are no harder runs this week. All of these sessions are relaxed “time on feet” runs.

b. Be sure to have some calories with you to consume immediately post run. Most recent research shows that even just 80-100 calories in the first 15-20 minutes post exercise (ideally with some protein) will improve the recovery rates post workout and will enable you to be better prepared for the next day’s session.

c. Run with partners if possible. All efforts “shared” are easier to implement and the camaraderie of a group task is truly powerful. 

Group C

Again this week is a 5 day week with an “optional” 6th day. 5 days of running during this first week of the program as well as one optional non running session of your choosing.

1 run this week of 75-80 minutes. This is a very comfortable run as it was in week #1; however, over the last 25 minutes of the run throw in the following slight [pick-ups in the long run 1:00, 1:00, 2:00, 1:00, 2:00, 1:00 minutes (6 total pick-ups) to conclude the run. After each pick-ups simply return to your comfortable easy long run pace for 5:00 or 6:00 before executing the next pick-up. Additionally precede this run with a 15:00 warm up walk and conclude the run with the same. (1 hr 45 minutes total including the walking before and after)

1 run of 60 minutes comfortably (this run should ideally be implemented over a rolling course and preceded and concluded with 15 minutes of walking. (90 minutes total including walking). 

2 runs of of 45-50 minutes  – both runs are very relaxed in nature. These runs should be preceded by 15 minutes of walking and concluded with an additional 10 minutes of walking. (approx 75 minutes total including the walking). Conclude one of these 2 runs with 5-6 “strides” or light accelerations at the end of the run on a slight uphill grade for prime mover engagement.

1 shorter run of 35 minutes. Precede this shorter run with 10 minutes of walking and conclude the run with the same 10 minute walk “cool down.” 

1 additional day 100% “optional” based on how you feel. This optional day should be another short day of 25-35 minutes.

1 optional non running session  – preferably a swim, a bike spin or even an additional walk 

Notes & Tips on Week #2 Group C

a. All runs this week are very relaxed in nature. There are again no hard runs this week. Only the long run pick-ups and the post run “strides” are in any way a touch quicker.

b. If possible try to acquire some massage therapy (even if from a family member, training partner etc) once per 2 weeks as it will assist in recovery.

c. Vitamin D is critical to bone growth and is one of the most common deficiencies in runners. For those lacking direct sunlight take 1000-1500 IU x 5 times weekly of vitamin D.

You can find the Training Plan for Week 1 Here.