The Most Important Muscles For Runners

The glute max is one of the most important muscles for runners – it’s responsibilities include hip extension and stabilization. The Donkey Kicks, or Donkey Toes exercise, is a common glute exercise, but most people fail to perform it correctly. The beginning position is on hands and knees. Keep your core tight so your back stays flat and quiet – it should not be collapsing as you perform the motion, this is the biggest mistake people make. 
We prefer the donkey toes version because being on your hands and toes rather than hands and knees focuses you to keep your core tight so your lower back doesn’t collapse. Once you’re in position squeeze your glute, keeping your knee bent at roughly 90 degrees, to raise your foot up toward the ceiling as high as you can without allowing your lower back to collapse. You can visit the ZAP Endurance YouTube page for the video and to view more strength and mobility work.
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