ZAP Virtual Challenge: We’re Climbing Again!

It’s been over a month so it’s time for another climbing challenge!

This one is inspired by a workout the team did this week, a hard climb from Blowing Rock to Grandfather Mountain. Their net elevation gain for the 10 mile climb was 845 feet, and this weekend we want to see how much climbing you can get in your long run.

The challenge is simply to get in a hilly run this weekend and see how much elevation you can get. 

Share your run with us in the ZAPNation Facebook Group, include a GPS link, photo or video, or simply pop in and let us know how your run went.

We love all the support coming out of the group, you all help make an incredible community, thank you. Let’s keep it rolling this week with some hilly long runs!
Last Week’s Memorial Day Weekend Step Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Steps Challenge over Memorial Day Weekend! We were blown away by how many people participated and how many steps you all got in. A special congratulations goes to Jack who clocked over 100,000 steps, totaling over 68 miles total with nearly 60 of them running miles. For his Herculean efforts Jack Mignosa is now the proud owner of a Garmin HR Monitor. 

Joe Stilin was the top finisher among the ZAP team and staff in 5th place with just over 85,000 steps. And it took nearly 20,000 steps a day to finish in the top 20, incredible.

ZAPNation is an active bunch of people and we love it!