Customized Plans

Customized Plans

Personalized Training Plans

ZAP Fitness Coaching also offers personalized 12-week, 16-week, and 20-week training plans. These are not the generic 12-week training programs you find in magazines or online. The training plans are a daily schedule developed after a personal consultation with a ZAP Coach. These schedules do not include continuous interaction with Coach Matt, but they are tailored specifically for you, your background, and your racing goals.

We will use a training consultation to learn about your background as well as your goals in order to develop a personalized 12-week, 16-week, or 20-week daily training plan. The training plan will include a daily training schedule for you to follow and detailed explanations of all the workouts. The length of the program depends on your preference and you should take into account your fitness ahead of time. If you need some guidance getting started and are completely out of shape, you may want to consider the 20-week plan. However, if you have been running regularly and have a goal race within the next 3 months, the 12-week plan might be the most appropriate.

If you have any questions please contact us or feel free to call ZAP at 828-295-6196 for more information.

  • Pricing: 12-Week Program – $120
  • 16-Week Program – $150
  • 20-Week Program – $175