Heat Training

We all know that hot weather has a negative impact on endurance performance, but there is some very interesting research to show that at least part of that impact may be due to our perception as opposed to reality.

In a 2012 cycling study researchers split up two groups of cyclists. Both groups were in a room that was heated to 89 degrees. In one room the cyclists could see a thermometer that read 89 degrees. The other group was also in a room that was 89 degrees, but their thermometer read 79 degrees.

The results showed an improvement in cycling output of the group that was in the room with the false reading of 79 degrees. Point being, your expectation has an impact on your performance. Your perception and mentality going into a race or workout has a direct impact on your performance. 

Use this to your benefit through positivity and optimism in your running, knowing that it WILL make a difference.

And to read further on the power our minds play in pushing our limits pick up a copy of Alex Hutchinson’s book, Endure. That is where this week’s tip was sourced.

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