How to Increase Aerobic Strength

It may seem counter intuitive, but if you’re serious about improving your finish, start by trying to increase your aerobic strength. Most people would be best served best by simply running a bit more to develop their aerobic engine and improve their efficiency. It sounds simple, but it’s the most overlooked and underrated way to improve your strength late in races.

Beyond the mileage you want to focus your harder running primarily on tempo work. It’s not to say you should stay away from all things fast, but neglecting tempo based work is all too common and will leave you weary-legged in the later stages of races rather than charging strong to the finish. 

At a time where you want to stay away from doing much hard interval training, to avoid a false peak with no races in sight, it may seem like the wrong time to work on your finishing kick. But this is actually the perfect time to build the aerobic foundation that will allow you to finish your races stronger once they’re back on the calendar.
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