The Zappening

Most of the team has been quaratining together at ZAP since the Olympic Trials. They are continuing to train, knowing the work they do now will boost their fitness for once training returns.

However, given the circumstances, things have been a little quieter than usual at ZAP so the team decided to lean into the “living off a dirt road in the mountains” stereotype and shoot their own parody of “The Shining.”

In it’s opening week the short film has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Allison Wade at Fast Women newsletter where she wrote, “I can’t say I made it the whole way through the 18-minute film, or that anyone is going to win any awards for it, but I appreciate the effort that went into it.”

And as we all know, it’s the effort that counts. We hope you have a fraction as much fun watching as the team did making it. Without further ado, below you’ll find the link to “The Zappening,” enjoy!

In a parody of the film The Shining, a group of marathon runners is tasked with taking care of the ZAP facility during a pandemic.