Running Tip: 3 Shoe Reminders

1. Rotate Your Shoes

Our athletes will regularly rotate the shoes they wear, and not just keeping a couple of the same model in the rotation, but also rotating the models. Particularly if you run every day, rotating shoes helps lengthen the life of your shoes by allowing the midsoles to bounce back fully between runs. But the slight change in feel between models means that rotating those models can help strengthen your feet and lower legs, making you stronger and more injury resistant. In fact, in Dr. Brian Fullem’s book, The Runner’s Guide to Healthy Feet and Ankles, he cites a recent study of 264 recreational runners that came to the conclusion that “alternating different shoe models leads to different areas being stressed, which in turn lowers your injury risk.”

2. Wear What’s Comfortable

This feels obvious and overly simplistic, but one of the things Dr. Fullem has told our team over the years is that the single biggest factor in finding the right shoe for you is comfort. It’s not the only factor, but in his book he writes, “the shoe should fit perfectly comfortable initially with no uncomfortable spots.” Following that rule when you’re selecting your shoe will steer you in the right direction.

3. Lace The Back Eyelit

On ZAP Endurance head coach Pete Rea is constantly harping on our athletes to lace the farthest back eyelet on their shoes. This is the eyelet that is the closest to your heel and lacing it helps secure the heel cup of your shoe. If you leave that eyelet unlaced you will have a less secure fit in the heel and that can make you more susceptible to lower leg issues. Any slippage that occurs on your heel puts additional stress on the achilles and lower leg muscles so the next time you lace up make sure you lace all the way up.