Running Tip: Sports Based Chiropractors

Chronic injuries can be the most frustrating thing to deal with as a runner, and if you’re someone who feels like they’re always dealing with something bothersome the best thing you can do is visit a therapist who can help get to the bottom of it. Some of the best people we have used with our team over the years are sports based chiropractors. If you can find a chiropractor who is certified in Graston Technique and / or Active Release Technique and works with athletes that is a great place to start.

Ask around your local running community as well – you won’t have to go far before you get some good recommendations. Those certifications aren’t a panacea but they are a great indication that you’re working with someone who deals both with the structural part of the body as well as soft tissue. I would also recommend seeing a chiropractor in combination with a massage therapist to make sure the tissue is working in harmony with the joints and structure of the body rather than one against the other.