ZAP Coaching Spotlight – Suzanne

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some brief stories of our ZAP Coaching athletes. For more information on ZAP Coaching you can click here.
Suzanne has been a ZAP Coaching client for nearly 6 years and when she began working with Coach Ryan she was focused more on the 5k and 10k. But in the last couple of years she has since shifted her focus toward trying to improve her half marathon.

Suzanne has always done an incredible job learning from each race and applying those lessons the next time out. And as a result her half times consistently improved over the last two years.

Coming into the spring Suzanne had put together a strong, healthy training block and was ready to tackle the 2 hour barrier at a local race. Obviously, COVID-19, as it has for everyone around the world, changed her plans when the race was cancelled. 

But rather than shut it down Suzanne kept working hard and loved the idea of trying to run a time trial effort on her own in lieu of the race she was supposed to run. And on a Saturday morning by herself she clocked her first sub-2 hour half. Congratulations Suzanne!