Posture Plays Important Role in Running

Posture plays an important role in the way your hip muscles, primarily the gluteus muscles, engage. And poor posture compromises your glutes’ ability to stabilize your hips properly. Think about keeping the spine long and relaxed, as if you are trying to create space between the vertebrae. This will keep you from leaning too far forward, pushing your hips behind your center of gravity, and rotating your hips too far forward. If you’ve ever had low back pain or tightness after a run that is a good sign your hips are rotated too far forward, meaning the front of your hip sits below the back of your hip. That rotation limits your ability to stabilize your hips properly and can lead to a variety of future problems. In addition to lengthening your spine while you’re running, focus on both strengthening and lengthening your hip flexors. The hip flexors are critical in keeping your hips in a more balanced front-to-back position.

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