Zap Fitness-Reebok Athletes Excel at Peachtree

Peachtree Picture 2015

This independence day we had three Zap Fitness-Reebok elite athletes competing in Atlanta at the historic Peachtree Road Race. The format of the competition was slightly altered from years past. There was an open race, similarly to other years; however, the 2015 Peachtree Cup was added to include an international team competition. Tyler Pennel was chosen by a selection committee to represent the U.S.A. in the Peachtree Cup, which consisted of four competing six member teams. Sinead Haughey and Griff Graves represented Zap Fitness-Reebok in the open race.


All three Zap Fitness-Reebok members were able to muster stellar performances in an uncharacteristic Atlanta downpour. Both Sinead and Griff captured 3rd place performances to wrap up their summer season in impressive fashion. Peachtree was the first race for Sinead Haughey in the Reebok-clad Zap Fitness uniform, where she was able to beat the likes of Jen Rhines (a 3 time olympian). Griff was able to end his first full year at Zap with a solid performance, solidifying his place among this nation’s top road racers. Griff has begun his marathon training cycle already, and will be looking to keep a Zap athlete on top at the Twin Cities Marathon this fall.

In the Peachtree Cup, which went off 15 minutes prior to the open race, an exhilarating battle was ensuing between Zap Fitness’ Tyler Pennel and Team Africa’s Daniel Salel. After a terribly close bout, Tyler seized second place overall in 28:45 to lead Team U.S.A. to a 2nd place finish, beating Team Europe and Team Asia.


To watch a replay of Tyler’s Performance click the link here