Zap Fitness-Reebok Athletes Joe and George Take on Europe!

Joe and George Euro

Zapsters Joe and George have been extending the Zap-Reebok culture and love overseas during the month of July, occupying the beautiful country of Belgium, more specifically Leuven.

Upon arrival overseas, Joe and George spent minimal time training before Joe had to hop over the pond to race in Cork, Ireland. Joe put himself in the race early, sticking right on the pacer. He did a majority of leading excluding the rabbit, and he was able to come through with a 3rd place finish in his European seasonal debut. He crossed the line in 7:54, a seasonal best.

Post Irish-summer debut, Joe and George both competed in Kortrijk, where they were able to both run 1500 meter tune-ups to prepare for the upcoming 5k in Heusden. George competed fantastically and came away with a win in his heat of the 1500m. Joe also was in great fashion, posting a mark of 3:42. Both their performances were foreshadowing of great races to come in the rest of their European tour.

After George and Joe reunited back in Leuven, the KBC Night of Athletics (July 18th) was on the horizon for the focus of European-Zap power couple. Following a solid week of training abroad, George and Joe were both primed and ready to run a fast 5k at the meet in Heusden, Belgium. Both George and Joe were able to post season-best marks of 13:33 and 13:37 respectively.

As if they haven’t traveled enough, Joe and George once again hopped on a plane and headed over to Ireland, the home of the historic Morton Games in Dublin. George and Joe competed in the 3000 meter against some of the best western Europeans in the area. Both Joe and George, coming off of strong 5k performances, were able to post times of 7:55 and 8:02 respectively. These marks were strong, especially considering the brief amount of recovery time after their 5k’s in Heusden.

To see George and Joe at the Morton Games in Dublin, Ireland click here and fast-forward to 48 minutes!