ZAP Virtual Challenge #6

Congratulations to last week’s prize winners from our Instagram raffle: Kristen and Jerry! Kristen won a pair of On running shoes and Jerry won a prize packet from UCAN!

Kristen decided to take her Boston tribute the full 26.2 miles! And Jerry posted that, “Running has taught me skills and discipline to get me through medical training to become an intensive care physician.” Thanks for the inspiration! 
This week’s ZAP Nation Virtual Challenge is a climbing challenge inspired by the Manor Loop we run here in Blowing Rock at Moses Cone Park. The run starts at Bass Lake and climbs 400 feet of elevation to the Moses Cone Manor. 

The challenge is simple – get 400 feet of elevation gain in your run this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

We will once again be holding an Instagram giveaway as part of the weekly challenge.
On will be raffling off a pair of shoes and UCAN a prize packet for 2 lucky winners. To be eligible for the giveaway you must do the following:

1. Post a photo or a video to Instagram this Saturday or Sunday

2. Tag @on.zap.edurance@on_running, and @genucan in the photo or video (not just the post)

3. Use the Hashtag #athletesadaptin your post

Once you complete your runs, please feel free to jump on the ZAPNation Facebook Group to post a photo of your run, a Strava or GPS link to your route, or simply tell us how it went. It’s not part of the giveaway requirements, but we’re loving seeing all the runs and hearing from everyone there!
If you’re stuck inside you can take part in our indoor climbing challenge.

The indoor challenge is to complete 400 reps of either mountain climbers or stair steps (or a combination of the 2) over the course of the weekend.

And don’t forget, to be entered into the drawing for a free pair of On shoes or prize packet from Generation UCAN post your workout on Instagram using the hashtag #athletesadapt and be sure to tag @on.zap.endurance@on_running and @genucan. Be safe and stay healthy!