ZAP Virtual Challenge #7 (Prediction Run)

Congratulations to last week’s prize winners from our Instagram raffle: Leah and Leslie! Leah won a pair of On running shoes and Leslie won a prize packet from UCAN!
Leah went for the double challenge – getting in a hilly run and 400 reps of stairs.

Leslie and her husband did a 5k run/walk for our climbing challenge but also to support non-profits through the #KeepBooneHealthy virtual 5k.

Two double dips last weekend – love it! Let’s keep the inspiration rolling this week!
This week’s ZAPNation Virtual Challenge is inspired by the world famous Walter Prediction Run we’ve done to conclude each of our Adult Running Vacations over the last 19 years. The prediction run is not an exercise of how fast you can run, but in how well you know your pace.

The challenge is to predict your time for your favorite running route before you head out the door, then go run the route and see how close you can get to your prediction.

We will be raffling off prizes again this week to two lucky winners. 
On will be raffling off a pair of shoes and UCAN a prize packet. To be eligible for the giveaway you must do the following:

1. Post a photo or a video to Instagram this Saturday or Sunday before your run with your prediction

2. Tag @on.zap.edurance@on_running, and @genucan in the photo or video (not just the post)

3. Use the Hashtag #athletesadaptin your post

4. After your run, comment on your post with your actual time
Once you complete your runs, please feel free to jump on the ZAPNation Facebook Group to post a photo of your run, a Strava or GPS link to your route, or simply tell us how it went. It’s not part of the giveaway requirements, but it’s so much fun seeing all the runs and hearing from everyone there! We are obviously operating on the honor system this week so we’re counting on you to play it straight. But to ease any fears, the contest will NOT be based on who was the closest, we will simply be doing a raffle for those that participate.
If you’re stuck inside you can take part in this week’s indoor workout, the “Deck of Cards” workout.

The suit assignments are:

Spades: Glute Bridge
Clubs: Plank (for time in seconds)
Diamonds: Leg Lifts
Hearts: Squats

To perform the challenge simply flip over the first card and perform the exercise based on the suit. The number of reps corresponds to the number on the card.  For example, if you turn over a Jack of Spades you would do 11 glute bridges. If you flipped over a 4 of clubs you would do a plank for 4 seconds. Go through the entire deck to complete the workout.

And don’t forget, to be entered into the drawing for a free pair of On shoes or prize packet from Generation UCAN post your workout on Instagram using the hashtag #athletesadapt and be sure to tag @on.zap.endurance@on_running and @genucan. Be safe and stay healthy!